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Special Offers

Corporate Events – Valid from 23 August to 15 December 2015

Special offer for companies, groups and teams

Our conference room

  1. Price for accommodation 20% off CZK 1,328 per double room per night
  2. Lease of the conference room 50% off CZK 1,750 per day
  3. A ticket to the whirlpool (25 minutes) for each participant of a corporate event staying at our hotel FREE OF CHARGE

Special discounts are available in case of repeatedly organized and large-scope events.

Trainings, presentations, business negotiations and corporate events

Nowadays, corporate events held in rural areas – in a quiet, family-like, natural environment – are becoming increasingly popular. Such locations are sought for by companies because of their overall atmosphere which provides a sufficient level of comfort suitable for negotiations and relaxation as well as team building activities.

We offer all persons interested in organizing of a corporate event an opportunity to stay in our hotel for one night with a great dinner – FREE OF CHARGE (2 persons)! Come and see it all yourselves – test our top-quality accommodation in a quiet environment, taste our great meals, see the training premises in advance and try out the services provided by our wellness and relaxation centre. And in the course of all that you will have a chance to specify all details of your company’s event. You will be subsequently rewarded by your clients’ satisfaction. We look forward to meeting you.

Gift voucher – a benefit for employees

Make use of the opportunity to donate a gift voucher issued by our hotel. We will draft the voucher in accordance with each client’s personal wishes: for any services of our hotel, accommodation, meals in the restaurant and services of our wellness centre (individually or based on a combination of several services).

Overview of lounges and their capacities

(Theatre Arrangement)
(Training Arrangement)
PÁLAVA Lounge (5.5 x 8.8 m)6030
MORAVA Lounge (5.5 x 7.4 m)4020
DĚVIČKY Lounge (5.5 x 7.2 m)3015


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