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What they wrote to us...

Please allow us to express our thanks in connection with the pleasant weekend which we spent in your hotel. It was the “Ladies’ Weekend” and we were really satisfied with everything (perfect accommodation, pleasant staff and great cuisine). We already know that we would like to come back. Your faithfully,
Zdeňka Soukupová and Lucie Pilátová

Dear Sir,
Please allow me – on behalf of both my husband and me – to thank you for the pleasant stay in your hotel. It was 14 days of unutterable comfort, really great food (which was also quite important) and overall regeneration of our bodies, which we had not experienced for rather a long time. We would like to thank you and your staff very much. I am sure that these words express not only our feelings but also feelings of all your guests, who definitely love to come back – like us.

Your faithfully,
Ing. Milada Sigmundová, CSc.

On 21-23 August 2009 we spent a wellness weekend in your IRIS Hotel in Pavlov. We met a really pleasant and helpful staff working in a beautiful environment.
Most of all, we would like to thank the receptionist, Ms. Masaříková, for her professional approach and helpfulness.

Yours faithfully,
J. Kratochvílová and P. Zámečník

Dear Ms. Netopilíková,
Thank you for your e-mail message. I apologize for not saying goodbye at the time of our departure but it was rather hectic! Please allow me to thank you for your great services, pleasant hospitality and helpfulness of your staff. Your services were really great – we did not even want to leave. And thanks to prolongation of our stay by another night everything was really perfect. The weather was also great; what else could we have wished for? It is only a pity that we could not have stayed longer.

Thank you very much for everything once again and you may be sure that my heart will beat happily in case of any communication related to Pavlov and South Moravia.

Have a great time. I am sending you my kindest regards and hope to see you again one day.

Lucie Votíková
Assistant Property Services

Dear Sir,
I am sure that clients mostly forget to praise high quality services rendered by a hotel and regard them as something quite obvious. Even though it is understandable, in the course of my long practice I have found out (many times) how demanding it might be to meet such obvious expectations – and therefore I praise things which deserve such praise. And I have a reason for expressing such praise in connection with your IRIS Hotel, which I have come to several times (most recently during our corporate event which was held there last week). My colleagues, friends and I always feel to be welcome and pampered guests. It is supposed to be so but, unfortunately, it is not true always and everywhere. Please thank your staff as well as the hotel manager for their great work. I wish you lots of success and many guests in this complicated time period – you can definitely ensure their satisfaction.

Ing. Helena Piskovská
Regional Office of the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, South Moravian Region

Dear Ms. Netopilíková,
Once again, thank you very much for our cooperation – you, personally, were very pleasant and professional. My thanks, however, are addressed to all your staff, too.

Hana Hrušková
LABTECH s.r.o.

Dear Ms. Netopilíková,
Once again, thank you and your staff for everything that you did for us so that we could enjoy a beautiful weekend free of any worries. Even the weather got better and was pleasant. All the participants were satisfied with the accommodation and rich meals. Our visit to the cellar, which we will definitely remember, was a great success – well, it was really super!!
Thank you and have a nice day.

Ilona Ouřadová
Human Resources
Českomoravská stavení spořitelna a.s.

On 4-11 August 2007 my husband, I and our dog were staying in the IRIS Hotel in Pavlov, in which we enjoyed a really great holiday – thanks to the hotel staff. Please thank the staff of your hotel who always met our wishes. I will definitely recommend your hotel. There was a really family-like atmosphere. We will be glad to come back.
Thank you.

The Ďásek Family

Dear Ms. Netopilíková,
I am sending you my regards to Pavlov. Thank you for your nice e-mail and offer of the event. I am really glad that it was completed to our mutual satisfaction. Both the owner of K-net and its customers and employees were really satisfied with all services. They highly appreciated the overall atmosphere. Obviously, once we decide to organize another event, I will try to hold it in your premises. Please present our thanks to all your staff who participated in our event. Once again, I would personally like to thank you for the outgoing and constructive cooperation as well as your personal input, which ensured that everything was without any problems. I wish you to have only pleasant clients.

Zdena Kubíčková
Keswick Partners

Dear Ms. Vašíčková,
We held a conference in your hotel IRIS in Pavlov last week. I would like to thank all your employees, but mainly Ms. Netopilíková. Thanks to them the conference as a whole went completely smoothly. All your employees were very pleasant and helpful; they took care of the conference participants perfectly and none of our wishes was a problem for them. We look forward to our future cooperation. Have a nice day.

Viktorie Klímová
Faculty of Economics and Administration
Masaryk University

Dear Ms. Netopilíková,
Once again, thank you very much for organizing today’s event for our clients. I wish you lots of success and hope to meet you again – in connection with another event held for our clients.

Yours faithfully,

Kateřina Sekyrová
Graffitti Networks ltd.

Hello. Thank you very much for rendering services to my future parents-in-law. They were really satisfied with the services, accommodation as well as meals.

Yours faithfully,
Martina Semerádová

Dear Sir or Madam,
We would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the free-of-charge lease of conference rooms in your IRIS Hotel. Thanks to that you allowed us to ensure a trouble-free organizing of a fancy dress party for our kindergarten. Our thanks are also addressed to your staff who was very kind, willing to help us with everything, and moreover, they prepared some goodies which everyone liked. Even though we are still little, we really appreciate your approach to us. We will never forget the great afternoon which you created for us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see you again.

Children and employees of the kindergarten in Pavlov

Dear Sir,
Last week I enjoyed another pleasant holiday in the beautiful environment under the Pavlov Hills. The stay in your hotel (to which we have already been twice) also contributed to our nice feelings during our holiday. The pleasant atmosphere, quiet environment, great cuisine and employees at the reception, restaurant and wellness centre, who were always merry and kind, are a guarantee of the fact that I intend to come to your hotel again. Please thank all your hotel employees on behalf of me and appreciate their professional approach to guests.

Yours faithfully,
Jiří Dietz

What they wrote about us...

OREA Hotels Monthly Bulletin

I was really satisfied with the services rendered in the IRIS Hotel. The staff were very pleasant, the room was perfectly clean and the meals were great!!! I will recommend you to my friends. Thank you very much for everything.

Your new regular client
Irena Mikelová

My wife and I spent 7 beautiful days in the IRIS Hotel in the Pálava. Even though I am known to be quite fussy, I had to respond “No. 1” to all items in their questionnaire – this is how we loved it there. Organizing of season specials, which are highly favourable for pensioners, is a very good idea.

Miroslav Vondruška

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all employees of the IRIS Hotel – receptionists, waiters, housekeepers and chefs – for everything that they were doing for us. Everything was perfect, top class. In addition, I would like to emphasize that a package for seniors is great because even pensioners may afford such a perfect holiday.

The Karbusický Family


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