- stimulates blood circulation in the veins and oxygenation, improves lymphatic system flow
- has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves fatigue and reduces nervousness
- has a positive impact on the musculoskeletal system, alleviating pain and stiffness in muscles and joints
- by releasing energy blockages, the massage contributes to increased immunity
- harmonizes energy flow in the body
Price: 55 minutes ……… CZK 800
Price: 25 minutes ………CZK 400

The body meridians are often blocked and obstructed in case of health problems or increased levels of tiredness. Energy may not flow freely throughout the body, and the person feels tired, irritated, exhausted and sick. Hot lava stones are perfect for stimulation of bodily organs. Restoration of the energy flow calms the person down, ensures relaxation and removes toxins and stress from the body.
Price: 55 minutes ……… CZK 800
Price: 25 minutes ………CZK 400

The honey massage is highly efficient in case of typical civilizational diseases such as allergies, rheumatism, stomach and intestine problems, serious diseases affecting intestines, the human skin and bodily organs, headaches, chronic head cold, insomnia, neurological disorders, depressions, liver and kidney diseases, typical female diseases, postoperative complications, etc. After this massage, you will feel good, light and relaxed. Your skin will be smooth, with the wonderful scent of honey.
Price: 25 minutes ………CZK 400

The chocolate massage is a fantastic experience for all lovers of chocolate and perfect body care. It leads to relaxation, muscle relief and refreshing of the look of your skin. It is suitable mainly for women suffering from cellulitis or striae and other skin irregularities, which it removes efficiently.
Price: 25 minutes ………CZK 400

This massage represents an original luxury relaxation method. It has become very popular with clients who strive for extraordinary relaxation-based experiences – a harmonizing massage with essential candle oil and its dim light invoke the feeling of comfort and perfect relaxation.
Price: 25 minutes ………CZK 400

Manual face lifting represents a highly efficient face massage technique. The massage smoothens out wrinkles and contours of the skin. Once the lifting treatment is completed, you will feel the soothing sensation of quiet and relaxation, and you will feel entirely relaxed.
Price: 25 minutes ………CZK 400

Madero Therapy is a Colombian technique for eliminating cellulite using wooden rollers, making the therapy 100% natural. The massage with wooden rollers improves lymph flow and helps break down fat tissue.
We recommend performing the treatment:
- Initially 2-3 times a week, depending on skin sensitivity
- The first results can be seen after just 3-4 visits
1 therapy (55 minutes): CZK 800
5 therapies (55 minutes each): CZK 3750
10 therapies (55 minutes each): CZK 7000

Lymphatic massage is a special massage technique that optimizes lymph flow through the body and increases its absorption. It restores and strengthens the function of the capillary lymph pump and stimulates immune activity, positively affecting the elimination of excess water in the body, reducing swelling, and flushing out harmful substances and waste materials.
Lymphatic massage – indications
swelling after traumatic conditions, e.g. fractures of ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders, elbows, small joints
prevention of swelling before surgical, orthopedic, dental, or gynecological operations
detoxification of the organism (removal of toxins from the body)
venous-origin swelling (adjustment of venous insufficiency)
regeneration and increasing the immunity and metabolism of the organism
prevention of varicose veins
headaches, migraine states
after injuries of lower and upper limbs in athletes
reduction of "heavy legs" syndrome symptoms (e.g. in sedentary jobs or prolonged standing)
ringing in the ears, overall fatigue and exhaustion, post-breast surgery, psoriasis, acne
removal and prevention of cellulite
removal of lipedema on lower and upper limbs, buttocks, and abdomen
firming of the subcutaneous layer, during convalescence after liposuction
body shaping (helps to break down fat and removes excess water from the body)
Whole-body massage (85 minutes): CZK 1400
Partial massage (e.g. upper/lower limbs - 55 minutes): CZK 900

Cupping massage is a proven method that is significantly therapeutic and deeply muscle-relaxing.
Cupping can alleviate pain in the spine and musculoskeletal system, and also positively affects the function of internal organs.
Price: CZK 400 / 25 minutes

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