Whirpool - Massage tub - Finnish sauna


Procedure length: 25 or 50 minutes
Moments of relaxation in hot water in a whirlpool contribute to overall relaxation, elimination of stress and evoking of unutterable experiences.
450 / 2 persons / 25 minutes; each additional person: CZK 150
CZK 600 / 2 persons / 25 minutes; each additional person: CZK 150

Procedure length: 90 minutes
Sauna is a piece of equipment which features beneficial effects on people’s health – mainly as regards preventive effects.
Price: CZK 200 / person (CZK 250 for a single person in the sauna)

Procedure length: 25 minutes
A balneological hydro-massage bath with a built-in source of bubbles is used for hydropathical procedures and bathing of the whole body as well as healing massages using a water stream flowing from massage nozzles located under the water surface.
Special additives make your bath even more pleasant while enhancing its effects.
CZK 250
Price: CZK 50 per additive

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